Nathaniel Bates, I (1738-1777)

Birth: 1738
Westford, Middlesex, Massachusetts, US

Death: September 19, 1777
Stillwater, Saratoga, New York, USA

Cause of Death: , wounds received in battle with General Burgoyne's army at Freeman's Farm, the Battle of Saratoga

Place of Burial: Battlefield at Stillwater, Saratoga (Assumed)

Father: Edward Bates
Mother: Mary Snow
Siblings: John Lewis Bates, Cpt Oliver Bates, Lt Joseph Bates, Elizabeth Betsey Bates, Sarah Bates, Hannah Bates, John Bates

Spouse: Abigail Nabby Taylor
Children: Edward Henry Bates, Nathaniel Bates, II

Relation to : 6th Great-grandfather

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NATHANIEL BATES, who was a tax payer in 1771 and bought his farm in 1774 from Bartholomew Goyer, was returned by Dublin, April, 1777, as in Capt. Jason Wait's company. He was then 39 years old. He was a member of the 3d company, Col. Joseph Cilley's regiment. He was killed at the first battle of Stillwater, Sept. 19, 1777. His widow sent the following petition:

“To the Honble the House of Representatives assembled and Convend at Exeter: State of New- hampshire The memorial of abagil Bates widow of the Late Nathanel Bates of Dublin Decd Humbly Sheweth that ye memorialist was Left a widow with two small children and only a New Lot of Land containing forty one acres only and but five acres Improved Labour and Provisions being scarce and Dear Renders it Impossible to manetane hir self and children without selling said Land– These are therefore humbly to Solicit your Honrs to take it into your wise Consideration and give orders that the same might be sold &c, &c. ” Octr 28-1778 ABAGILL BATES. ” N. B. Said Nathaniel Bates was killed at Stillwater Last year by Generall Birgines army.”

Nathaniel Bates lived on the north side of the Derby Hill. The later history of his family is unknown. John Stroud appears to have been the next occupant of Nathaniel Bates's little farm and to have come to Dublin about 1778.

Abigail Bates was appointed guardian of her two sons, Edward and Nathaniel, and appears to have married John Stroud previous to 1790.

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Memorial to the New Hampshire Continental s who fought at Saratoga in 1777.
3 years after Nathaniel's passing in the war, Abigail, having been re-married to John Stroud, petitioned the New Hampshire Senate and House of Representatives, to permit Isaiah Taylor to sell lands owned by Nathaniel, and for the proceeds to fund the education of their children. – Laws of New Hampshire First constitutional period, 1784-1792 – by Henry Harrison Metcalf – Page 486
1777: Tipping Point at Saratoga, is a retelling of the events of the days surrounding the battle. Using historical accounts from the time the narrates the battle detailing the movements of Col. Joseph Cilley's regiment the day Nathaniel died. – Available on Amazon