Wallace Lawrence Bates (1896-1952)

Birth: May 22, 1896
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Death: April 17, 1952
Baltimore County, Maryland, USA

Cause of Death: 

Place of Burial: Baltimore Cemetery, Baltimore City, Maryland, United States of America

Father: Edward Wallace Bates
Mother: Evelyn Anna LaFountain
Siblings: Jacqueline Elfreda LaFountain Bates

Spouse: Hellern ‘Helen' Eleanor Fischer
Children: Florence Helene Bates, Elizabeth Anna Bates, Wallace Florian Bates, Margaret Matilda Bates, Lawrence Ferdinand Bates, Helen Marie Bates, Rosalie Gloria Bates, Jeanette Jean Bates, Frances Bates

Spouse: Ruth E. Tull

Relation to : Great-grandfather

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