Bates, Towson, McClain, Hayes, Fischer, Wilson, Murphy, Zarzyki, LaFountain, Gajan

Davis, Ingoglia, Eliassen, Austin, Bell, Rinde, DeStefano, Hodges

Here resides my growing knowledge of those from whom I came. The good and the bad, the history, the oft' repeated past… this is my family. Everything here is public knowledge but not commonly correlated. I seek to know the lives of these people through what they've left behind in death, that it might enrich the living.

Here you will find written stories based on first hand knowledge and research. While stories have been written for some family you will find a more complete and searchable family tree under Genealogy.

Do you have stories of the people described here? Perhaps we're family: distant cousins or even lost siblings. Please contact me, I would like to know you.

  • Adding Family Pages

    While my oldest Bates grandfathers have been written up, I realized it will take a long time to get everything written, so I'm concentrating on getting basic pages set up for those that I intend to fill out later. Note the top of any ancestor story page lists the categories; these incomplete pages are marked as such.

  • Just Getting Started

    Welcome to Daemon Family History. I'm slowly working through building out initial history pages for direct ancestors. I've enjoyed researching and combining information through sites like, WikiTree, Geni, and many others… but the difficulty is that none of them present information in a way I would like to read. Either it's all very genealogy-type language with short hand and a lot of references, or all of the media is buried under links that make it slow to browse… or just isn't friendly to my adding my own context based on people I've met, or experiences I've had. For this reason I've wanted to write a site like this. I would like to share the history, but also my families adventures in discovery!

    So, please bare with me as I bring together all of the details I've learned. I hope what I'm able to share here gives others a place to connect. At the same time, I hope YOU will share with me! There is much of my family that I just don't know, never met, or lost touch with. Share with me your stories so I can share them with others. Anything you contribute I will absolutely attribute to you, or keep anonymous, or even keep private because even those things may help in further research.

    Discovering my Native American lineage, my family was able to find and visit the McClain family Cemetery in the Appalachian Mountains just outside of the National Forest, TN.